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The WordPress coup d’état and Sports Night.

The number 1 way that WordPress can screw with everyone:

Random intern–> randomly toy with a blog’s stats.  Artificially inflate them.  Make the poor sap check his stats every 5 minutes instead of writing his 10 page paper.

Darn you WordPress intern!  Darn you!

BTW, I’m glad that Sports Night dropped the laugh track after a while.  This could be the 3rd best show ever (behind Lost and 24).


Methodist Blogroll in WordPress

Thanks to Jay Voohries at Only Wonder Understands, I can put the blogroll on my blog.

If you have had problems because WordPress will not accept javascript, try this:

“You CAN import the links into your blogroll via the OPML file, but this will require you to update every so often. Let me keep looking for an option, but the problem isn’t you, but how the WordPress hosted sites function.

To import the blogroll using the OPML file, do the following:
1) Click on the blogroll item in the menu.
2) Click on “import links”
3) Paste the following code into the field “Specify an opml url”:
4) Click on the import opml file button.”

h/t: jay…