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Faith Traditions Respond to Virgina Tech…

The Washington Post’s online forum, On Faith, asks the following question to a group of panelists:

How does your faith tradition explain (and respond to) senseless tragedies such as the Virginia Tech shootings?


There are a lot of great answers including responses from N.T Wright and Desmond Tutu (read the rest here). There are not, however, any views from the United Methodist or Wesleyan faith tradition.


This is a great question–a great exercise of faith. What do you say?


h/t: Irenic Thoughts


On the heels of tragedy…

I think there is another facet to this statement: “…a majority of the things that we find wrong with other people really stem from things that are unsatisfying about ourselves.”

When tragedy strikes, we are given “permission” to express ourselves in light of it. However, some groups and individuals take advantage of that “permission” in order to highlight issues that discontent them. We make an opportunity out of a tragedy in the name of some issue that discontents us–we “proof text” the situation, if you will. Gun control folks are going crazy right now. Issues of immigration and individual rights are coming up.

Is it appropriate to raise these kinds of questions? (the real question here is is: are these things the cause?)  Is it appropriate to raise them today?

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…on Virgina Tech Campus

Gunman Kills 30 on Virginia Tech Campus.

Sadness. I don’t have words.

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