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Sundays of Easter

The UMC General Board of Discipleship has some great ideas for preaching the Sundays in Easter.

Interestingly, the article says:

Many congregations are not accustomed to sustained celebration. Many pastors who plan worship and preaching make use of the lectionary during the Advent/Christmas cycle and the Lent/Holy Week/Easter cycle, but are ready to follow a different approach when Easter Sunday has come and gone.

We say this as an acknowledgement of the many ways that pastors approach worship and preaching. In no way do we seek to discourage pastors and churches from staying with full use of the lectionary readings each week during Easter. We will continue to post lectionary-based music, preaching, and worship planning helps throughout the Easter season.”

The GBOD offers some suggestions for creating an “extended celebration” of Easter:

  1. Forget about Easter and work with themes or sermon series, perhaps preaching through a book of the Bible or some portion of it.
  2. Keep Easter in view but use your own ingenuity in choosing texts around which to plan worship and preaching.
  3. Plan for worship and preaching a series making use of some of the “natural” connections and progressions in the Revised Common Lectionary. (Click here for the full list of RCL Easter readings, Year C.)

Using the lectionary, you could

  1. track the Acts readings for a snapshot of the early church (though how you handle Pentacost later will need to come up)
  2. follow the Revelation readings to “peer into the future.”
  3. follow the John readings for an “empty tomb postscript”
  4. or a few other ways including “our history” from the old testament readings

How is your church celebrating the time after Easter?


Tim Schmorrow–My Last YAN Article

My last Young Adult Network article is up. Also, check out the discussion boards!

The article features a good “friend” of mine, Tim Schmorrow. Check it out, dude.

UPDATE: the article has been replaced with the new one.  I will post my articles as soon as I’m sure that I’m allowed to.  Thanks!

I’m “e-published!”

I have begun a 4 week spread for the United Methodist Church General Board of Discipleship’s  Young Adult Network.

It is a great up-and-coming website and they are looking for more contributers!

This week’s article is a synthesis of some of my early blog posts.  It felt appropriate.  I often use blog writing as a kind of pre-writing.

Also, I must apologize for using my “emo-sepia” picture.  It was the best I had!

Young Adults Network

The General Board of Discipleship of the United Methodist Church (insert breath here) has just begun a website called the Young Adults Network! .

Julie O’Neal, Manager of Faith Formation, Leadership Development, and Resource Coordination with Young Adults. describes it best :

“The goal of the network is to help keep young adults connected to each other and to the church in one way or another. Many of the components of the network are guided by the hopes, dreams, visions, goals, thoughts and nitty gritty ideas of the young adults themselves. The target age for this network is 18-30, although it does focused work with those who are about to enter this age group. This network is not limited to United Methodist participants and contributors. Many young adults are interested in and explore inter-denomination and inter-faith relationships and we welcome those perspectives in this community to enhance the dialogue.” –Julie O’Neal, Welcome to the Young Adult Network

Please check it out! As an added treat for you and me, I will be contributing some articles for the YAN during the months of September and October!!!

**Updated.  I just got word that I’ll be contributing in Sept., so I changed it here!

UMC Web Offerings

Did you know that the United Methodist Church has an amazing network of websites? I’m going to start a series of posts about some of the different websites that we have, including the South Georgia Conferenc website. To start you off, take a look at these!

South Georgia Conference website.

United Methodist Church website.