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On General Conference, Lost, and South Georgia

Jay of the Methoblog has already geared up the site for General Conference blogging. There are a good many folks that will be live blogging GC and I think that this will be the first time we can really see what is happening from many perspectives almost instantly. (correct me if I’m wrong here, but we as Methodist bloggers definitely weren’t as connected in 00 and 04 as we are now). This has great implications for transparency–maybe not fully at this conference as the full effect of the instant-publishing blogging community may not be understood for an event like this.

While I regret that I will not get to take part in General Conference this year, I am serving as a district delegate for the South Georgia Annual Conference in June. I will definitely be live blogging our AC, for those who are interested. I’ve found that, even though we are in the geographic area that John and Charles Wesley landed and ministered, we don’t have a great deal of publicity! Well, hopefully I can help share what happens this year at the South Georgia Annual Conference and you all can share with me what happens at yours!

So…. This Wednesday, while many of you will be blogging away at the opening of General Conference in Texas, I will be reading my RSS feed and anxiously waiting for Lost to come back from its short hiatus.


Fire Burning Near St. Marys, GA–another SGA fire

UPDATE: The fire is 100% contained as of Friday evening.

Now there is a fire in my hometown. Right near all of my church members. I covet your prayers.


Fire Burning Near St. Marys, GA

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By First Coast News Staff

ST. MARYS, GA — Several crews are working to put out a fire that’s been burning near St. Marys since noon Thursday.

Firefighters from St. Marys, Camden County Fire Rescue, Georgia Forestry, and Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay are working a fire that has consumed between 8 and 10 acres. It’s burning off of Highway 40 near Dark Entry Creek. Fire officials say it is about 70 – 75 percent contained.

The cause of the fire is unknown.

So far, 30 people have been evacuated. The Red Cross has opened a shelter at the Church of God of Prophecy at 101 Pine Street in St. Marys for those who have been forced from their homes.