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Gimme ur digits…and other misspellings…

I’ve got a crazy thought:  I’d love to call up and chat with any Methobloggers that do youth ministry.

If you’re down, email your number to: thegreateststory[at]gmail[dot]com.


stratifying the generations: young adult ministry

Some churches struggle with “filling the gap,” the void that is created by the missing 18-35 year olds.

How does this work? How do we fill that gap?

A lot of things work. A lot of things don’t work.

I am tentative to separate the young adult population out into completely separate programs. In fact, I am tentative to further stratify any group much more than we already have.  To stratify the generations is to remove much of the beauty of the church: genuine family and community. Instead of stratifying, I want to work in a generational reconciliation–even and especially in my youth ministry.  I recognize that that value inside of my calling does not translate to everyone.  I need to do more thinking on this issue.

Is there value in further separating people?  Doesn’t social networking software and programming speak to our need to connect?