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On General Conference, Lost, and South Georgia

Jay of the Methoblog has already geared up the site for General Conference blogging. There are a good many folks that will be live blogging GC and I think that this will be the first time we can really see what is happening from many perspectives almost instantly. (correct me if I’m wrong here, but we as Methodist bloggers definitely weren’t as connected in 00 and 04 as we are now). This has great implications for transparency–maybe not fully at this conference as the full effect of the instant-publishing blogging community may not be understood for an event like this.

While I regret that I will not get to take part in General Conference this year, I am serving as a district delegate for the South Georgia Annual Conference in June. I will definitely be live blogging our AC, for those who are interested. I’ve found that, even though we are in the geographic area that John and Charles Wesley landed and ministered, we don’t have a great deal of publicity! Well, hopefully I can help share what happens this year at the South Georgia Annual Conference and you all can share with me what happens at yours!

So…. This Wednesday, while many of you will be blogging away at the opening of General Conference in Texas, I will be reading my RSS feed and anxiously waiting for Lost to come back from its short hiatus.


Methobloggers: have more responsibility than they may realize

There are many Methobloggers (Methodists that blog about their faith, church, and Methodists) that may already understand this.  I understand it too, but I don’t always practice it.

We often write in the context of the Methoblogosphere, our friends, and our churches.  However, our community is much larger than we realize–it includes every single person that can access the internet.  Each post we write reflects on the Church and, therefore the Christian faith.

Why all of this?

I was checking my stats a few minutes ago and realized that one of my posts that was intended to be a humorous toying with my pal John the Methodist, Proof that John the Methodist is Evil, was found by someone that searched Google for the phrase, “are Methodists evil”.

I hope that this post did not lend any inkling of truth to the search terms.

Once others get a chance to read this, I may delete that post.   What do you think?

Methoblog Baby Names

Well, as luck or what not would have it, Amanda and I had a perfect girl name picked out and we are having a boy!

So now I’m thinking about some boy names and I must say that I’ve been inspired by all of you Methobloggers.  Please not that I am part French and have a funny way of pronouncing some things…

John Zombie Morrow (pronounced “disturbingly secret identity” Morrow)

Mbwr Bevere Morrow  (pronounced “embewer” Bevere Morrow)

BWIII Morrow (pronounced “bewethree” Morrow)

Gavoweb Emerging Morrow (pronounced “post-modern” Morrow)

Ken Hagler Morrow (pronounced “the force be with you” Morrow)

QP Morrow (pronounced “I speak in the 3rd person” Morrow)

Mark Winter Morrow (pronounced “nasty barbecue” Morrow)

Let me know what you think.  I’m trying to have this baby named before my wife gets home tonight–people have been telling me I should do more for her to make sure she can relax…

dorotheos of gaza and abba arsenius

 Here (and here) is some great quote blogging about some desert wisdom from A Labrynthine Journey:

 Never separate yourself from the holy example of Christ, who said, “Learn of me for I am meek and humble of heart.” First make a point of acquiring a peaceful state of soul, so that correction is given not out of pretended righteousness or for the pleasure of rebuking, but as a duty performed for the sake of love and cleanness of heart. Building up your brother in this way, you shall hear a voice saying to you, “If you extract what is precious from what is unclean, you shall be compared to my own voice. (Jeremiah 15:19)” [Dorotheos of Gaza: Discourses and Sayings, Eric Wheeler, trans, Cistercian Publications, Kalamazoo, 1977, page 239]

More from The Sayings of the Desert Fathers (Benedicta Ward, trans, Cistercian Publications, 1975).

This one comes from Abba Arsenius who was originally a tutor in the Royal Court in Rome, then left it all for the solitude of the Egyptian desert.

A brother questioned Abba Arsenius to hear a word of him and the old man said to him, “Strive with all your might to bring your interior activity in accord with God, and you will overcome exterior passions.” [Arsenius Saying # 9, page 10]

Rev. Moris, I hope you don’t mind.  Your posts really mean a lot to me.

Beautiful Easter Reflections

Check out the Methoblog for an array of beautiful Easter reflections!

Father Frank from King of Peace Episcopal offers another Easter reflection: the Easter homily by John Chrysostom.