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Methoblog Baby Names

Well, as luck or what not would have it, Amanda and I had a perfect girl name picked out and we are having a boy!

So now I’m thinking about some boy names and I must say that I’ve been inspired by all of you Methobloggers.  Please not that I am part French and have a funny way of pronouncing some things…

John Zombie Morrow (pronounced “disturbingly secret identity” Morrow)

Mbwr Bevere Morrow  (pronounced “embewer” Bevere Morrow)

BWIII Morrow (pronounced “bewethree” Morrow)

Gavoweb Emerging Morrow (pronounced “post-modern” Morrow)

Ken Hagler Morrow (pronounced “the force be with you” Morrow)

QP Morrow (pronounced “I speak in the 3rd person” Morrow)

Mark Winter Morrow (pronounced “nasty barbecue” Morrow)

Let me know what you think.  I’m trying to have this baby named before my wife gets home tonight–people have been telling me I should do more for her to make sure she can relax…


Blogwar: Mark Winter

…is declared.

I declare blog war on you, Mark Winter, blog war.

I will launch my first attack after I finish this savory BBQ pork sandwich and boiled peanuts that I will wash down with a peach sweet tea.

At first when you called them “gooshy wet peanuts,” I cried. Then I denied it. Then I thought I could accept it. But I cannot. Do not insult my…

UPDATE : Mark, I think I’m going to have to postpone the blog war I had in store for you. It turns out that I couldn’t rouse an army to march all the way to Texas–especially when I told them that there would be no BBQ pork. Next I waited to see if you would attack and then I realized that you don’t know my address. My wife wondered why I was waiting by the door with my Super Soaker filled with BBQ sauce…. So until some blogwar veterans can share some tips with me, know that if I could have, I would have taught you a war type lesson about insulting boiled peanuts and BBQ Pork.