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Methoblog Baby Names

Well, as luck or what not would have it, Amanda and I had a perfect girl name picked out and we are having a boy!

So now I’m thinking about some boy names and I must say that I’ve been inspired by all of you Methobloggers.  Please not that I am part French and have a funny way of pronouncing some things…

John Zombie Morrow (pronounced “disturbingly secret identity” Morrow)

Mbwr Bevere Morrow  (pronounced “embewer” Bevere Morrow)

BWIII Morrow (pronounced “bewethree” Morrow)

Gavoweb Emerging Morrow (pronounced “post-modern” Morrow)

Ken Hagler Morrow (pronounced “the force be with you” Morrow)

QP Morrow (pronounced “I speak in the 3rd person” Morrow)

Mark Winter Morrow (pronounced “nasty barbecue” Morrow)

Let me know what you think.  I’m trying to have this baby named before my wife gets home tonight–people have been telling me I should do more for her to make sure she can relax…


Oh, no John…

In my previous post, Bride Price… (you know, the one just below), I lamented over a website called marrymydaughter.com.

Well, if it wasn’t intended to be a joke, it is now–thanks to John the Methodist. In his post, Bride Selling, John (a seminary class mate and revolutionary methoblogger) gives us all a big sigh of relief by offering up Beth Quick (a wonderful young UM pastor in the North East) for a low-low bride price of $2500!

I shake my head at you, John, but when no one is looking I chuckle.

Beth, you are a great sport–I don’t know if I’ve let you know how much I enjoy your work.

Top 5 Reasons I Like John the Methodist

The top 5 reasons that I like John the Methodist:

1. Rabbit blogging. Therefore, great literary allusions.

2. Art blogging. Quite cultured, informative and inspiring.

3. Issue blogging. No fear in standing up for truth.

4. Fun blogging. Six fingers? Meat on ice cream? Babies with mohawks? Great!

5. Zombie protection.

My top 5 ulterior motives:

1. That John might move 4″ to the left during Hebrew quizzes. I sit behind him.

2. That John might realize that I always win the caption contest.

3. That John might give me $3.

4. That John might know that “snarkiness” equals love5. That John might forgive one for being “snarky.”