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Wi-Fi in Camden Co, GA

Between seminary and church-work, I have a lot of writing, thinking, and researching to do. I really enjoy finding new places to get away with my laptop and do some of this work. SO, I’m trying to compile a list of places in Camden County, GA that have free wi-fi (wireless internet access). I don’t know if there is a list somewhere on line.

If you have a place to add, please comment! (all places in this list should have free wi-fi, not hackable wi-fi!)

Places in Camden County, GA With Free Wi-Fi:

  • The Sweetest Things
  • St. Marys Down Town Development (though, unless you want to sit on their porch, it’s not much help)

That’s all I’ve got! Help me out!


Fire Burning Near St. Marys, GA–another SGA fire

UPDATE: The fire is 100% contained as of Friday evening.

Now there is a fire in my hometown. Right near all of my church members. I covet your prayers.


Fire Burning Near St. Marys, GA

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By First Coast News Staff

ST. MARYS, GA — Several crews are working to put out a fire that’s been burning near St. Marys since noon Thursday.

Firefighters from St. Marys, Camden County Fire Rescue, Georgia Forestry, and Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay are working a fire that has consumed between 8 and 10 acres. It’s burning off of Highway 40 near Dark Entry Creek. Fire officials say it is about 70 – 75 percent contained.

The cause of the fire is unknown.

So far, 30 people have been evacuated. The Red Cross has opened a shelter at the Church of God of Prophecy at 101 Pine Street in St. Marys for those who have been forced from their homes.