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Baby Morrow’s 3-D Ultrasound

We got a 3-D ultrasound in Jacksonville today. Jackson (the baby) didn’t cooperate too much, but we were able to get some good face shots. It will be hard to make him out at first, but it’s like a magic-eye picture–once you see him, you see him. Some hints: the top, left part of his head faded in the ultrasound; his nose is just above center in the first two pics; the first 2 pics are 3 quarter profile shots; the second pics are profile shots.


UPDATE:  excerpt from “A Milestone on Account of a Milestone,” a post commemorating 20k views on this blog:

Baby Morrow’s 3-D Ultrasound.

This post is very special to me. This is my son. It seems unnatural that I can see his face in the womb, but we have this glimpse none-the-less. Over the last few days hundreds of family and friends have taken part in our joy. It is a humbling thing to realize how much joy my family brings to those around me. Jackson, this is only a small testament to how you are loved by those who have only seen a glimpse of you and of God’s manifold grace that already envelopes you. You are my milestone and it is a beautiful thing that my space here on the internet celebrates you.


Baby ____________ Morrow

It will be a boy! Due Feb. 2 2008.

Once WordPress will allow me to upload a photo, I’ll show you some ultrasound pics!

Family Roundup

now, some M. family updates:

My baby is moving!  I felt him/her moving in the belly today!  Pretty weird stuff…!

On Wednesday we’ll find out whether we are having a boy or a girl (if this child cooperates with the ultrasound)!

Mom, dad, brother, and aunt will be on a cruise all next week.  They are going to call over the satellite phone on Wednesday to see about the baby.  Babies make families stronger.

Brother-in-law 2 has a new job that he is excited about.  Waiting was worth it….

One of my regrets right now is that Amanda can’t share in my seminary experience more than being put off because of my homework… 😦