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Christians and Politics

This is what I’ve been trying to say for weeks now.  I couldn’t say it.  Henry Neufeld can.  Amen, Henry.

“I can’t tell you how much it bothers me to hear the ramblings of groups such as the Family Research Council, which seem to think we can pass laws to improve “morality” in our country. That’s just not the case. God himself gave us the choice to make our own decisions. Which of us is above God?

Donny speaks largely about the pornography industry, but I think we need to get our focus as a church on reaching and healing people, and not so much on making laws. I do fully believe Christians should be involved politically and should live out their Christian principles in their involvement. But as a church we have been given the gospel message and the task of using it to be witnesses and to make disciples.”–Henry Neufeld

Thank, Henry.

Henry blogs at Threads from Henry’s Web .


On the heels of tragedy…

I think there is another facet to this statement: “…a majority of the things that we find wrong with other people really stem from things that are unsatisfying about ourselves.”

When tragedy strikes, we are given “permission” to express ourselves in light of it. However, some groups and individuals take advantage of that “permission” in order to highlight issues that discontent them. We make an opportunity out of a tragedy in the name of some issue that discontents us–we “proof text” the situation, if you will. Gun control folks are going crazy right now. Issues of immigration and individual rights are coming up.

Is it appropriate to raise these kinds of questions? (the real question here is is: are these things the cause?)  Is it appropriate to raise them today?