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On mission and apostolic faith

1. In an effort to say an old, true thing in a new way, we may have accidentally said a new thing in an old way.

2. This new thing may not be the faith given by the Son and the Spirit, but some other new thing under the guise of apostolicity.

3. ‘The church does not merely have but IS a mission, the historical embodiment of the mission of the Son through the Spirit.’ Barth, quoted by Oden in Life in the Spirit p . 350.

4. The biggest perversions of great things hang on seemingly insignificant nuances: the difference between having a mission and being a mission, in this case. We exist because of the Son’s mission in the world, it is not that we organized on our own with the noble idea of engaging in an institutional mission. Our very hearts are transformed by mission into mission. Think on this next time you consider an organizational mission statement.

What do you think?