Call to Ministry? Developing resources.

Two of the most important things I do in my current job (also two of my favorite things) are:

1. Teach youth and adults about the UMC and Living the Methodist Way.
2. Help students discern a call to ministry.

I have found no good video resources for either of these tasks.

1. There aren’t a great deal of resources for discussing the UMC or its history. Any good resource is out of date and almost unusable.

2. I have seen NO good resources (video or not) that will help students hear, discern, and live into a call to ministry in the UMC.

Would you like to help me develop some resources? I am particularly interested in developing student resources for a call to ministry in the UMC.


2 responses to “Call to Ministry? Developing resources.

  1. What can I do to help? Sounds like a fun project…

  2. Love the discussion about preparing to ministry. If you have not seen it, check out the site. Explore the Call is a free, interactive website designed to help students identify, explore and nurture the call of God on their life. It offers weekly podcasts, a chat room, blog, online mentoring and cool downloads.

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