Where’ve you been, dude?!?

Well, I’ve missed everyone these last few months (though I sure have trolled around).  Spring semester at ATS thouroughly kicked my butt and I have had a short but packed summer with the youth group (as all youth pastors can probably understand).  I’d like to give you some updates, though:

  • Our baby, Jackson, was baptized last week.  I had no idea how much of a grace-filled, emotional experience that would be for my family and me.
  • I am leaving in 2 days to spend time with the Taize community in France.  This opportunity practically fell in my lap.  I was invited by folks from the South Georgia Conference, who kindly paid my way to take part.  I will spend seven days with the brothers and a few in London visiting some Wesleyan sites.  (Dave Hallum, if you want to meet up, I’d love too!)  When I return, I will repay the conference (I think) by sharing my experiences with churches and young adult groups throughout the conference in the hopes that we might get some conference young adults to go on this trip in upcoming years.  I also have a secret hope that this will be a time of MUCH needed spiritual renewal for me.  I’m viewing this as more of a spiritual pilgrimage than anything else.
  • I start my middler year at ATS in September.  I’m excited that I’m classified middler–it took long enough.  Now I am thinking about when a young seminary student begins thinking about appointments and such.  I love my church and want to give them my all while I am with them, but I can’t help but wonder.
  • When I return, I have a full plate as I will immediately teach a laity workshop at Pathways to a Healthy Church and kick off our UMYF program for the school year.
  • I have developed a  Youth Ministries Taskforce at our church in order to build up adult leadership and involvement.  I could have done this myself, but I don’t think it would have been long-lasting.  Similarly, as I am also the director of programs, I have set up an Education ad-hoc committee to to the same thing on that end.  Call me naive, but I have a very strong belief that one the best things I can do for the church in my capacity is build up laity for ministry.  There are some storms to weather as we make these transitions, but I am confident in the Lord’s leading here.
  • I haven’t had the blogging passion of late.  My major readers are Methobloggers who say what I want better than I can and random search engine readers who read my joke/superfluous posts and I wish they would read the ones I’m proud of.  I found that I blog the most during mid-term and finals so maybe you’ll all see more of me then.

Tata for now.


2 responses to “Where’ve you been, dude?!?

  1. Be sure to let us know what your Taize experience is like. I’d like to hear about that.

  2. taize’ .. awesome!

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