Theological Question of the Day

Is the using the phrase OMG, internet slang for “oh my God,”  taking the God’s name in vain?


4 responses to “Theological Question of the Day

  1. I’ve always interpreted it as “Oh My Goodness.” People have always said Gosh, Goodness, or Goosepimples as alternatives to swearing an oath like the above.

    Seeing as how that very acronym is in my sidebar (in a humorous way), I may not be objective! But since that phrase is not part of my vocabulary, that’s how I’ve always interpreted it.

  2. I would have to say “yes” since it makes me and the majority of people think of the actual words.

    I work with students in youth ministry and so many of them use this in texting or on the comp. With perhaps 2 or 3 exceptions, they see nothing wrong with it…even the most “devout” of the students I work with.

    Many of them don’t commonly use “curse” words, but will use expressions like WTF….If I hear or read this, I’ll call them out on it, and they honestly don’t seem to be aware of even doing it, or meaning to cause peoples minds to process the 4 letter word.

    On one hand I think it is largely generational (even cultural) differences for kids who grow up with so much of their communication being through text and messaging.

    But it still concerns me!

  3. I think it is the equivalent to “oh my God” and do not use it for that reason. As Ronnie said, it may be generational and obviously do not even realize what they are doing.

  4. Yeah, it probably would constitute taking the Lord’s name in vain. It’s an abbreviation for something that definitely is.

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