Foundation | Virtue | Dreams

This passage by John Cassian has been quite inspirational to me:

As the parable in the Gospel teaches, whatever concerns the building of that spiritual and most lofty tower must be reckoned up and carefully considered beforehand. These things, even when prepared, will be of no use nor allow the lofty height of perfection to be properly placed upon them unless we begin with a clearance of all faults. We must also dig up the decayed and dead rubbish of the passions and lay the s trong foundations of simplicity and humility on the solid and (so to speak) living soil of our breasts, or rather on that rock of the gospel. By being built in this way this tower of spiritual virtues will rise and be able to stand unmoved and be raised to the utmost heights of heaven in full assurance of its stability. — John Cassian

When what we dream is built out of virtue and upon a foundation of holiness, we can reach into the heights of heaven.


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