To Moderate, or not to Moderate?

Since it’s inception, Greatest Story has moderated comments.  I’ve thought long and hard about allowing comments to appear on this blog unmoderated with the following caveats:

  • All comments will be subject to removal at my discretion.
  • Please comment within 45 degrees of the topic.
  • Abuse of any kind toward any one will not be tolerated.
  • Continual violation of these terms (or if you just tick me off too much) will result in banning you from commenting on this site.

What do you all think?  Do you moderate or not?


2 responses to “To Moderate, or not to Moderate?

  1. Moderate?!

    I thought you were one of them there liberal conservatives!

  2. i do moderate comments, but:
    -i don’t get that many comments anyway
    -i’ve ever only blocked one, and it was because it was a personal message someone wanted to give me (unrelated to anything blogish)
    -i think it helps me keep up with comments as they come in so i don’t miss/overlook something/someone
    -it’s just to protect the children
    -i’d rather preview comments i wouldn’t want attached to me rather than having to go back to remove them after the fact
    -i blame the evil spammers
    -i’m not as cool as jim morrow.

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