I did it–reluctantly: Moto Q9

How about this for irony:

A series of problems and circumstances led me to this decision:

  1. The ‘0’ on my phone stopped working. I had to have my wife text ‘00000’s to me so I could edit it whenever I had to make calls that involved ‘0’.
  2. Too many people tried to make appointments with me or get info from me when I didn’t have my calendar with me and I was starting to forget things.
  3. I got anxious everytime I had personal time because I didn’t have my calendar or my email close by.
  4. My contract was up and I was, therefore, in an excellent bargaining position.

I got the Moto Q9 from Sprint:

I love it! Even though I have full access to my schedule and email, now I feel great shutting it off! It works wonderfully and I got a great deal! Highly recommended for those of you looking for a smartphone.


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