Churches Feel Economic Downturn

Sadly, many local churches are bearing the burden of the falling economy.  I haven’t been as heartbroken, however, as when I read about this church’s struggle with recession.

h/t: Kurt J.


One response to “Churches Feel Economic Downturn

  1. I thought King of Peace was living large about 7 years ago when we bought a used Vietnamese tractor to cut the grass. Then a few years ago, I thought we had hit an odd low, when someone stole the gear box out of that same tractor and later came back and stole the tires off it. Owning a tractor up on blocks was good for my preferred image as a redneck priest, but we ended up selling the parts left and ending our salad days. It was humbling. So I guess I know where the folks are coming from in selling their church’s business jet.

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