Your First Post

Reach back in time….

Read your first ever blog post.  What does it say?  Give us your favorite quote from it!  How do you feel about it?  How has your blog changed since then?


One response to “Your First Post

  1. Just over three years ago, Irenic Thoughts began:

    “This web log, or blog as they are known, is being created to add yet another means for staying in contact at King of Peace. While it is intended for use by the congregation of King of Peace Episcopal Church in Kingsland, Georgia, others may take part.”

    Since then it has grown to have about 300 visitors a day with 175,000+ people stopping in during the past two years. Go figure. I’d like to think it is a useful adjunct to other ministry taking place at King of Peace.

    The one disappointment is that I said others could sign up to be able to post at the site, and while a few others have sent in things to post, no one has taken me up on becoming a regular contributor. It remains more of a solo effort than I had hoped.

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