$10/gallon gas…and minimum wage, for good measure

Dan Dorfman of the New York Sun has an article that quotes some analysts saying that gas could go up to $10 per gallon in a few years.  He also shows the international precedent for it.

I’m going to remove myself from this equation for a minute and ask a few questions:

  1. Minimum wage is $5.85.  It would take someone working full time (40 hrs/wk) 20 hours to fill up a 10 gallon gas tank.  Even with the step increases, this is a staggering thought.  I’m not comfortable saying “it doesn’t matter because in 2 years it will only take 12ish hours of work to fill their tanks.”
  2. This has implications for church ministry.  Especially as we are often waiting for people to drive to us.  Attendance will go down.  Maybe many of us will be placed back into a parish model.
  3. What does this mean for our lifestyles?  How will you change your behaviors?

5 responses to “$10/gallon gas…and minimum wage, for good measure

  1. Gas in many places in Europe is already $10 a gallon. What is different is that public transportation and trains are much more available. In addition, wages are a lot higher.

    I travel 22 miles one way to my job and it doesn’t matter how expensive gas gets, I still have to work.

  2. Brian, I’m with you there. America can’t be immune to everything.

    I’m also about 20 miles away from work. My choices right now are to move, get a new car or suck it up.

    Our salaries might go up, but folks who work for minimum wage don’t always have that luxury.

  3. I’m with Brian, public transportation is a must yet it should have been decades ago. Yet in my town there is none, no bus, no trolly, nothing. My church is only 2.5 miles away but I have shut-ins that live almost 30 miles. In a town has lost all its jobs to China, we have turned into a commuter town and thus depedent heavily on Gas.

    My personal guess, scooter sales will increase. Now is the time to by stock in Vespa!

  4. Alex FROM NJ (USA)

    $4.25 a gallon where I live. i still remember when it was around $1.75 a gallon back in 1998. now its almost 4 times as much now. summer or fall 2008 it can reach $5-7 a gallon

  5. I work in a gas station in Columbus, Ohio. I hear the gripes all the time. I’ve been in the industry for almost 7 years now and I know, all too well, the pressure that everyone is feeling with the increases in gas prices. Presently, I only live 2mi away from work but I have been transfered to stores as far as 22mi away in the past.
    I make a meager wage and I drive a car that gets 12-15mpg. It’s killing my budget and I literally have to choose between food and gas.
    My solution to this problem is to spend a couple hundred dollars on an 80cc motor to attach to a bicycle. In the end I should be able to get about 150mpg. I really wish there was a reliable network of public transportation in US cities that rivals the European or even Eastern European systems. I’ve seen them an you can get anywhere you want without driving at all!

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