Camden Blogging: A Dove and a Bridge

A poem by a local friend of mine:

No arrow of enlightenment fletched with the feathers of truth,
No ruthless predator preying on the slow, pruning the herd
No metaphorical eternal struggle
And nothing like a simile.

No mustachioed Marlin Perkins,
No battered Range Rover,
No tawny lions of the Serengeti,
No howling hyena bitches.
No circle of life.

Just one hawk,
One dove,
In my front yard.
The dove lost.

November in my Soul

I have always wanted to see more focus on our little area of South Georgia. November in my Soul also has some great photos and writings about Camden County. You can read about the old bridge over the St. Marys River on Hwy 17 here.


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