Which Seminary to Go to?

I recall seeing this float around the blogosphere for a while–especially when I was choosing between Asbury, Candler, or completely moving to some other place.

If you or someone you know is thinking about seminary, please visit one of Ken Schenck’s fifty blogs, Seminary Bound.

This site lists many seminaries as a blog post and allows people who know the institution to comment with reviews or suggestions about it. If you don’t see yours, look under “other seminaries.”

While we’re at it, can you help Ken make sure that his commenter’s reviews are up to date by adding your experience with your instituiton?


2 responses to “Which Seminary to Go to?

  1. I know, I know… I’m trying to cut down but I’m addicted 🙂

    This one was Drury’s suggestion and, unsurprisingly, is therefore one of the more useful. 🙂

  2. I ran across you on the ATS Coffee House icon and was surprised to see that you had a blog for every subject known to man! 🙂

    I enjoyed reading that blog when I was looking for honest discussion about various seminaries.

    It’s good to talk to you.

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