My Top 10 Easter Candies of 2008

Candy Addict recently posted the Top 10 Candies We Want In Our Easter Basket.

In the spirit of Resurrection, I will share my top 10 Easter Candies for this year:

10.  The Chocolate Bunny (but not the Russell Stovers kind–that’s gross.  The Reese’s kind.  Are you catching a trend?)

9. Snickers Eggs

8.  Robin Eggs

7.  Jellybelly Jelly Beans

6.  Marshmallow Peeps

5.  Reese’s Pieces Pastel Eggs

4.  Cadbury Royal Dark Mini Eggs

3.  Cadbury Mini Eggs

2.  Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs

1.  Butterfinger Cream Eggs


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