Old Writing: Grandfather (exactly me)

More of my old writings.  This was written when I was concerned that my grandfather was going to be going to the hospital…

Grandfather (exactly me)

He is exactly me
Many years before
So as I sit beside his bed
I see years to come
Looking back into memories, and in memories, years before
I see things yet unlives
And sitting here now I see
Exactly Me

Silver, sweat matted hair
Little beads across his brow
Each bit of him pushing to escape the confines of his fate
Such a mirror for me
Heavy eyes, too cumbersome for their lids to bear
Rest Shot
The corners squeeze tight
The lines find that find home there
Travel to a smile
He is exactly me

When I smooth the sheets
And lie next to him
I see what he sees
Many, many children by our bed
Holding our hand as we sleep
Many, many children
And they are exactly me

For ever on he will live
Therefore, forever me
I allow sleep to take me
Next to my grandfather
Exactly me.


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