Methobloggers: have more responsibility than they may realize

There are many Methobloggers (Methodists that blog about their faith, church, and Methodists) that may already understand this.  I understand it too, but I don’t always practice it.

We often write in the context of the Methoblogosphere, our friends, and our churches.  However, our community is much larger than we realize–it includes every single person that can access the internet.  Each post we write reflects on the Church and, therefore the Christian faith.

Why all of this?

I was checking my stats a few minutes ago and realized that one of my posts that was intended to be a humorous toying with my pal John the Methodist, Proof that John the Methodist is Evil, was found by someone that searched Google for the phrase, “are Methodists evil”.

I hope that this post did not lend any inkling of truth to the search terms.

Once others get a chance to read this, I may delete that post.   What do you think?


3 responses to “Methobloggers: have more responsibility than they may realize

  1. I think it is a good thing that someone searching for “are Methodists evil” discovers instead that they are people with a sense of humour.

    Besides there was a lot of truth in your post about John 😉

  2. john the methodist is evil.. and i think methodists are evil too! &:~D

    it is probably the risk we take with having outsiders find their way into the community that we all feel. but there is a point where people will figure it out too. but it is a good point, at what point do people take what we say as part of the church serious and serious fun.

  3. You all have some good points.

    I’m thinking that maybe I could have found a better example, but I think that the principle comes through. You all get it, I think!

    Have a great day!

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