A Milestone on Account of a Milestone

Today The Greatest Story has reached 20,000 views. I never thought it would happen. I began writing sporadically (which I still do) with about 3 views per week. Upon joining the Methoblog, the readership increased a bit. This 20k mark is on account of 2 things:

Waycross, GA Wildfire Update.

South Georgia is at the corner of the unknown universe, yet life happens here just as much as it does in the widely covered world. With one of the largest wildfires in Georgia history, there was very little accessible media coverage for us SGAians. Many were afraid and in need of information. By freak accident, and a deep pull on my spirit, I aggregated available news sources and first hand accounts to pull together daily (and sometimes more) updates. This post still gets a large amount of visitation.

Baby Morrow’s 3-D Ultrasound.

This post is very special to me. This is my son. It seems unnatural that I can see his face in the womb, but we have this glimpse none-the-less. Over the last few days hundreds of family and friends have taken part in our joy. It is a humbling thing to realize how much joy my family brings to those around me. Jackson, this is only a small testament to how you are loved by those who have only seen a glimpse of you and of God’s manifold grace that already envelopes you. You are my milestone and it is a beautiful thing that my space here on the internet celebrates you.

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2 responses to “A Milestone on Account of a Milestone

  1. Congratulations on the Instalanche. It was well-deserved.

  2. You know I love you so much! I am so happy to have a husband like you!

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