Methoblog Baby Names

Well, as luck or what not would have it, Amanda and I had a perfect girl name picked out and we are having a boy!

So now I’m thinking about some boy names and I must say that I’ve been inspired by all of you Methobloggers.  Please not that I am part French and have a funny way of pronouncing some things…

John Zombie Morrow (pronounced “disturbingly secret identity” Morrow)

Mbwr Bevere Morrow  (pronounced “embewer” Bevere Morrow)

BWIII Morrow (pronounced “bewethree” Morrow)

Gavoweb Emerging Morrow (pronounced “post-modern” Morrow)

Ken Hagler Morrow (pronounced “the force be with you” Morrow)

QP Morrow (pronounced “I speak in the 3rd person” Morrow)

Mark Winter Morrow (pronounced “nasty barbecue” Morrow)

Let me know what you think.  I’m trying to have this baby named before my wife gets home tonight–people have been telling me I should do more for her to make sure she can relax…


5 responses to “Methoblog Baby Names

  1. WOW…Great news, a little Jimmy! Congratulations!

  2. i got made fun of as a child cause i had a strange name. it isn’t so strange now i guess, but my mother was upset to hear of mine being made fun of. she couldn’t think of derogatory names associated with gavin.. never underestimate the brilliance of children. though ‘gavoweb’ could be different. hey might have a chance. &:~)

    i’d vote for QP Morrow, that could be a shtick of his talking in 3rd person for his life. it might peeve the parental units some though.

  3. Bro Jim, Jesus told me to pray for my (bbq) enemies. . .and so I still do. May the eyes of your stomach be opened to the wonder and bliss of smoked brisket with red sauce with a big sliced onion and jalapeno on the side.


  4. Haven’t you learned anything in church history? Try a Christian name lost to time like:

    Polycarp Morrow
    Eusebius Morrow
    Ignatius Morrow
    Irenaeus Morrow
    Athanasius Morrow
    Hippolytus Morrow

    and my favorite…
    Pseudo Dionysius Morrow

    But my daughter (your beloved former student) suggest you name your first born male child for Jesus disciple Thomas, though you should call him….wait for it….wait for it….

    Tom Morrow

    He would already have a theme song (taken from the musical Annie)

  5. you will find the perfect name for your son. it will just come to you!
    congrats again!! i’m soooooo excited for you and Amanda!
    love you!
    Aunt cindi

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