Chaplain “Burned”

Some preach hellfire and brimstone, but this chaplain is the one getting burned.  Leesburg, FL Chaplain, Danny Harvey was fired from Leesburg Regional Medical Center for praying in Jesus name:

Marchers such as Aaron Schotsch agreed that Harvey should not have been fired as head chaplain of Leesburg Regional Medical Center last month for refusing to stop praying in Jesus’ name, even when he wasn’t praying with Christians.

“So many of our rights are being taken away all the time,” said Schotsch,39. “Everybody’s trying to make everything politically correct.”

Joni Smith, vice president of planning and business development at the hospital, said protesters have misconstrued the termination as an act of religious intolerance rather than a response to violation of hospital policies.  (…excerpt from  The Orlando Sentinel)

 h/t: danny g


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