Bride Price–Web Heresy

This is why we need to actually read scripture and not just flip it open and create doctrines.

I’m looking all over this site to find the little line that says this is a complete joke, but sadly, I can’t find it. This is heartbreaking.

UPDATE:  Many have suggested that this is probably a joke.  However, if it is not a joke, it is now thanks to John–see my post Oh, No John .

ht gav


2 responses to “Bride Price–Web Heresy

  1. That ain’t right.

    So much for my professional opinion. What I really think is that the site has to be a hoax, but as you say there is no evidence that is true within the site itself. I want it to be fake, because it is too profoundly troubling to think of parents marrying off a 15 year old so they can move out of the trailer park (see testimonials page). Yikes!

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