Pastoral Prayer 8/19/07

Gracious father, once we were individuals, scattered and alone trying meagerly to light our own way through this dark world; trying meagerly to cleanse and flavor own lives. But you have lit our way. You have cleansed us and made us the salt of the earth through your Son Jesus. You have made us into a city, a holy nation, your own people and you have made us a light that is brighter than the sun.

You said “let there be light” and you saw that it was good and in this fallen world your light is still so good. In your mercy you came into this dark and bland world as our lord and savior to give us light again. What joy we take in being that light for the world. That when we live in peace with one another and gather together we can light this world and you take delight in if you did say that it was good.

As we gather as the bright and flavorful body of Christ with other Christians around the world, may your glory shine in every dark corner and may your flavor and holiness marinate this world so that everyone may taste and see that you are good.

There are many among us who’s lights have dimmed–who’s passion for you has waned. Our own lights have dimmed. We lift them up today. Forgive us when we pass them by and do not pray with them and love them. Forgive us when we boast about the passion we have–the brightness of our own light. For those who’s light of life is fading through illness or injury or through death, Father we pray that you will heal them and console the body of Christ.

Right now, through the power of the Holy Spirit we ask that you fill us with grace–the fuel for our bright light–so that we may be brighter now than we ever have before. That we are so bright that your glory cannot be denied. That we do not try to leave this city on a hill and travel in the valley alone. We pray for an outpouring of your holy spirt on all people of all nations of all lifestyles of all faiths, and richness, and poorness, and goodness, and evil so that you may be glorified. Father, thy kingdom come. Hear us as we pray together the prayer that Jesus taught his disciples to pray….


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