Student Leadership Team Meeting

Tonight we had our first Student Leadership Team meeting for this school year.  Last year we had 3 people (all girls) and I didn’t do a very good job at utilizing their leadership as I could have.

This year we have 9 on leadership with a mixture of boys and girls.  We had a very good first meeting.  I plan on structuring our time together like this:

Devotion and Check-in (check-in is an accountibility time where students break up in to pairs or groups and work through an accountability activity)

Looking Back.  During this time, we will use various formats for the team to evaluate the previous month.

Looking Forward.  During this time, we will resolve any incomplete business (as most of it will deal with the future) and we will look at upcoming things for the next 3 months.  As we get closer to a new month, we will look at it in detail.

Closing prayer.

Tonight, I broke our group up into three’s to evaluate last year.  I gave each student a category:  Adult leadership, youth gatherings, and connection with the church, community, and each other.  The group brainstormed what we did well, where we saw God, and what we can improve on.  The groups then shuffled so that like categories were together.  Then the group reported.  This gave our students a structured time to evaluate the year while giving everyone an opportunity to give input.  Similarly, we avoided a free for all (especially a negative free for all).  During our discussion our adult leaders and students had some very valuable discussion about these topics and how the adults and students interact within them.

I have very high hopes for this team.  Please keep them in your prayers. 


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