The Gospel According to Conservative Lobbyists

In a previous post, I was concerned with how many United Methodists responded to the Virginia Tech tragedy.  I made this statment:

I am very concerned when pastors and church leaders turn to the government and legislation to solve spiritual problems and seem to neglect the spirits of people and a land that needs healing.

Does the absence of legislation cause one to sin? Does the presence of legislation prevent one from sinning? Does the formation of legislation truly heal?

I have spent some time trying to find Jesus approach a governing body to lobby for more constricting legislation that will save the worldbut all I can seem to find is Jesus liberating the people from it and healing people’s bodies and souls…

Maybe you can help me find the passage where Jesus and Dr. Dobson heal people on the floor of the House of Representatives.  Maybe it’s in that apocryphal book, The Gospel According to Conservative Lobbyists. 

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One response to “The Gospel According to Conservative Lobbyists

  1. Amen! It’s worth noting that Jesus never argued for any government policy changes.

    When the Church says “we need to do something about the poor” and its response is to advocate a government program predicated on confiscatory taxation, then it is abrogating its own responsibility to the poor and outsourcing that job to the state.

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