Disciple Bible Study

One of the most formative experiences in my spiritual life was taking part in the Disciple Bible Study.  The first of this series is a 34 week journey in which you read through 70% of the Bible through daily readings and meet weekly for 2.5 hours with  your fellow classmates. 

Now that I am on staff at SMUMC, I am leading the charge on making this study an integral part of our congregation’s spiritual formation. 

In the Fall, we will kick off the short-term Disciple studies, Invitation to the Old Testament and Invitation to the New Testament.  These two classes will meet the Disciple I criteria though they are abbreviated.  Similarly, we will be offering Disciple III: Remember Who You Are–a 32 week study of the OT prophets and Paul’s writings.  Many of our congregation have already been through the 2nd study and they are not sequential any way. 

I wish that the world was not so busy and everyone can have the same experience I did with the long-term Disciple I study.  However, I would rather offer the abbreviated ones twice during the year and allow more people to participate than to fold classes, etc. 

Does your church use the Disciple Bible Study?  How have they reacted to it?  How do you implement it? 


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