On Summer Blogging

Aside from the posting concerning my collaboration on the student leadership workshop, I don’t foresee myself making many posts for a while.

I am deeply exploring my seminary education and the wonder that is United Methodism.  I find myself working out theological items by arguing both sides of each issue–to work that out in this public forum would not present an appropriate picture of our faith to my random, non-Christian readers.  I have started many posts only to find them half-baked.  I do not desire to have my exploration present a permanent and incomplete portrait of the UMC to my many viewers.

Similarly, I’m finding, just as many of the Methoblogosphere seem to be finding, that my blog-life needs to take a giant backseat to my family and the vision and growth of my local church.

I’ll still be lurking and commenting.  I’ll see you later.


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