Transgender Elder

Rev. Ann Gordon has become Rev. Drew Phoenix and has been appointed by the Bishop for another year.  Uncharted territory, I guess.

Here’s the story.

I’m not quite sure what to say.  My gut reaction is that ordained clergy should be held to a very high standard of self-sacrifice; the church should be open to all, but how does that affect the ones that the church ordains?  The discipline is silent on this–though, like scripture, I’m not sure that the Discipline needs to address every single thing that  governs clergy.  Time for a little exegesis in the Discipline (get ready Judiciary).  I’m not quite sure what to say.
Rightpundits chimes in.

Where’s ole Mark Tooley’s comments on this?


One response to “Transgender Elder

  1. Have you considered that emerging as trans is a form of self-sacrifice, especially in a culture where there is such stigma against this expression?

    Maybe trans emergence is a form of embodying a calling to be a door, becoming an opening between walls so many think are more real than the spirit that connects us all. Maybe by being bold and transformative, moving beyond history & expectation, trans people empower others to trust their own connection to spirit, their own calling over the conventions of humans.


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