For a day and a half now, I have tried to find a clever way to write this in the midst of calling and visiting all of my close relatives and friends. How do I share this with my blog friends? Well, here you go.

My wife and I will be expecting of first child (or children–twins run in her family) in February of next year.

Father we thank you for your marvelous gift;
you have allowed us to share in your divine parenthood.
During this time of waiting,
we ask you to protect and nurture
these first mysterious stirrings of life.
May our child come safely into the light of the world
and to the new birth of baptism. Amen


3 responses to “Expecting…

  1. I guess those websites that you found on your laptop proved to be useful afterall. Hang in there partner! It only gets more exciting from this point.

  2. Thanks be to God! This is wonderful news.



  3. Congratulations! You’ll be a great dad!

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