…Toward Holiness and Integrity, part 5 of 6

 This is part 5 of an essay entitled: Sailing Toward Holiness and Integrity: (CLICK FOR PART 1, 2, 3, 4)

            Another landmark on the way to holiness is to recognize that we are always in community, even when we are alone.  God is constant communion with us even if we are not reciprocal.  Anonymity is a killer of virtue and character.  Many times a thing cannot be known without experiencing their opposite.  Goodness, character, virtue, and morality are this way.  Without seeing the good in God, it is hard to see the bad in the world.  When we separate ourselves from community and act in anonymity, we are lying to ourselves and betraying goodness and this is a reflection of our character.  Character is not relative to people, but to God.  So to act without integrity in an anonymous moment, such as with pornography or online identities, we deny God.  In theatrical play analysis, an actor begins analyzing a role by exploring what the character says and does.  This is followed by a moment-by-moment description of the action the character is trying to achieve; this description is always described with verbs.  This is how character is defined in a theatrical sense: with verbs.  This is true in humanity, too.  Our character is defined by what we do in community with God; therefore, it is defined by everything we do. 


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