stratifying the generations: young adult ministry

Some churches struggle with “filling the gap,” the void that is created by the missing 18-35 year olds.

How does this work? How do we fill that gap?

A lot of things work. A lot of things don’t work.

I am tentative to separate the young adult population out into completely separate programs. In fact, I am tentative to further stratify any group much more than we already have.  To stratify the generations is to remove much of the beauty of the church: genuine family and community. Instead of stratifying, I want to work in a generational reconciliation–even and especially in my youth ministry.  I recognize that that value inside of my calling does not translate to everyone.  I need to do more thinking on this issue.

Is there value in further separating people?  Doesn’t social networking software and programming speak to our need to connect?


One response to “stratifying the generations: young adult ministry

  1. This probelm just won’t go away. When we stratify, the old people complain they never see the younger ones. When we get together, the old people complain the kids are too loud. I suggest that while separate groups will always need to meet (birds of a feather) over tea and biscuits or paint-ball, the most successful “big-group” meetings will be ones that greatly encourages informal interaction ie:not combined Sunday services, but an afternoon outing to the local lake.

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