Blogwar: Mark Winter

…is declared.

I declare blog war on you, Mark Winter, blog war.

I will launch my first attack after I finish this savory BBQ pork sandwich and boiled peanuts that I will wash down with a peach sweet tea.

At first when you called them “gooshy wet peanuts,” I cried. Then I denied it. Then I thought I could accept it. But I cannot. Do not insult my…

UPDATE : Mark, I think I’m going to have to postpone the blog war I had in store for you. It turns out that I couldn’t rouse an army to march all the way to Texas–especially when I told them that there would be no BBQ pork. Next I waited to see if you would attack and then I realized that you don’t know my address. My wife wondered why I was waiting by the door with my Super Soaker filled with BBQ sauce…. So until some blogwar veterans can share some tips with me, know that if I could have, I would have taught you a war type lesson about insulting boiled peanuts and BBQ Pork.


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