UMs respond with … Gun Control?

At the United Methodist Portal, United Methodist respond to the tragedy at Virginia Tech. This seems to be an random aggregation of statements. POINT OF CLARITY: This also means that these folks are probably taken out of context, therefore I am tentative to respond to this UM Portal report. However, since the UM Portal, though an independent organization, bears the name United Methodist, this may be misconstrued as an official statement for our church. This only bothers me because there a couple of responses that I am uncomfortable with:

(because of the Portal’s copyright policy, I can only refer to the comments, I can’t reproduce them–please see the article)

Dr. Edgar, a United Methodist pastor and leader in the National Council of Churches, takes it straight to gun control wondering how much more violence it will take to get some legislation in place. To be fair, Dr. Edgar served six terms in the U.S. House of Representatives. He did some good work there. But I am very concerned when pastors and church leaders turn to the government and legislation to solve spiritual problems and seem to neglect the spirits of people and a land that needs healing. Does the absence of legislation cause one to sin? Does the presence of legislation prevent one from sinning? Does the formation of legislation truly heal?

Jim Winkler of the General Board of Church and Society has similar comments.

POINT OF CLARITY: I am not against legislation. I am against ignoring the healing Spirit of God. Similarly, I greatly appreciate Andy Bryan’s response to the GBCS statement concerning VT.

I am tentative about D. Ciccella’s response, though she has a wonderful spirit of forward thinking and the power of Christ. I am just a little tentative about how our works can instigate forward movement of spirit, but I appreciate the spirit of her response.

Bishop Bickerton offers a great response. Bishop Kyung-Ha Shin shares some good thoughts and some legitimate concerns about how folks will treat the Korean community.

For some other great responses, visit my prior post. 


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