What I Got Out of Worship

This comment is like nails on a chalkboard: “I got (didn’t get) a lot out of worship today.”

Kim Fabricious, guest blogger at Faith and Theology, says this in his Ten Propositions on Worship:

8. What should we get out of worship? Wrong question. Worship is not a utility but an offering, i.e. a sacrifice, an economy of grace that interrupts and critiques the feverish cycles of production and consumption – which is why the collection is not fund-raising but cultural critique. If you want relevance, excitement, or profit, go to a rally, a concert, or the stock exchange. To put it most counter-culturally: Blessed are the bored, for they will see God.

To quote my part-time friend, Rick Warren (am I really doing this): “It’s not about you.”


One response to “What I Got Out of Worship

  1. Exactly! I have heard Rick talk about this very topic a few times. Worship is not something we should evaluate. Rather, we should actively worship God our creator, it is our spiritual offering. We are participants and blessed to be able to do it. You are right, it is not about us!

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