The Waycross Wildfire, 2

The Waycross wildfire continues. They should not have to evacuate any more homes tonight. The fire has consumed over 55,000 acres so far. The fire was 30% contained as of this morning. My understanding is that the size of this fire is almost unprecedented with the exception being a fire in 1955 that consumed 58,000 acres.

The wind changed today. I can smell the smoke of my neighbor’s land again. The ash is falling again, too. Bitter snows.

Thank God that the local faith community has stepped up to the plate. More updates later…

UPDATE: For up-t0-date information, go here.


5 responses to “The Waycross Wildfire, 2

  1. OMG like that is a big fire like do they have a lot of firefighters to put it out?

  2. Oh my lord what in the world this is horrible peolpe should start evacuating in jesup ga

  3. all the people need to leave and not be driven many peoples houses have burnt down OMG


  4. Doood this is wak beat the fire, power to the peolpe go fire fighters u rock

  5. Im a resident of pierce county and during school we had smoke filled through out our school this was a terriable fire and people thought we would never put it out!!

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