On the heels of tragedy…

I think there is another facet to this statement: “…a majority of the things that we find wrong with other people really stem from things that are unsatisfying about ourselves.”

When tragedy strikes, we are given “permission” to express ourselves in light of it. However, some groups and individuals take advantage of that “permission” in order to highlight issues that discontent them. We make an opportunity out of a tragedy in the name of some issue that discontents us–we “proof text” the situation, if you will. Gun control folks are going crazy right now. Issues of immigration and individual rights are coming up.

Is it appropriate to raise these kinds of questions? (the real question here is is: are these things the cause?)  Is it appropriate to raise them today?


2 responses to “On the heels of tragedy…

  1. I’ve been wondering about that. When can we start talking about public policy respones to horrible tragedies like this? When it is morally and socially permissible?

    Of course, such a discussion would immediately break down into both sides using this incident to club the other over the head and win debating points.

  2. I have a whole rant on church and state brewing here, but I wonder if the church should focus on healing and grace than public policy. Should the church practice good stewardship in politics? Should the church call poor moral decisions to the carpet? Sure. Sure.

    Should we legislate our morality so that people have to follow the “works” of Christ instead of responding to His previenient grace through accepting Christ through whom those works flow forth? No.

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