In responding to the question, “what is calling,” I wrote the following:

Calling is multi-layered.

1. There is no call without a caller. Who is calling you? The idea is that God calls us and therefore, we respond to Him for His sake–not so much for ours.

2. We all experience the universal call to salvation. Through God’s prevenient grace, we are called and into relationship with Him.

3. As Christians, we experience the general call to discipleship–to grow in Christ through God’s sanctifying grace.

4. We will be called to vocation. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we are all called to a very specific thing for the rest of our lives. God’s vocational call on our lives could be that of teaching. That may manifest itself throughout our lives in many different ways such as a Sunday School teacher, a school teacher, proper parenting of our children, preaching and pastoring, etc.

To be open to God’s vocational call on our life is to allow God to manifest that call in many different ways according to His will. The primary component of our calling is to be in right relationship and constant communication with Him. That precedes any job, career, or vocation we may have. God calls us first to salvation and discipleship–the rest seems to be an outflowing of our covenant with Him.

Elaine Atim, in writing for the Young Adult Network, writes:

“Essential to following Christ is disregarding the earthly standards of success and aligning oneself with the standards of God’s kingdom.”

I know this is true for many of us who have struggled with God’s call on our lives.

Those of you called to ordination have or will have to write and explain your calling many times.  It may become routine.  I pray, however, that it never loses its savor.  I pray also that our call to vocation never loses its sense of “being called by the Caller,” and our primary call to salvation and discipleship.  The rest flows from that.

For great reading, check out The Call by Os Guiness.

h/t: Dr. Harper…


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