500 or less: What is Methodist?

In 500 words or less:

Describe the unique characteristics of the United Methodist Church .

Ready?  Go…


5 responses to “500 or less: What is Methodist?

  1. Do you feel cheated that I didn’t start it out?

    Give me a minute…

  2. There is nothing, in and of itself, that makes the United Methodist Church unique.
    That said, there are several factors that do make it unique when combined:
    Open Table
    Recognized Baptism
    Male, Female and Homosexual Ordinations
    Openness to conversation
    Episcopal Structure
    Jurisdictions/Conferences/Districts/Clusters/Local Churches

    These are a few. Each has its drawbacks and its advantages.

    The real uniqueness of any congregation – United Methodist or any other denomination is the people. This is the growing point for every congregation and for the ministry of Jesus Christ. Everything else is simply dross.


  3. My initial thoughts would have included much of that, David, but my understanding of United Methodism also includes a strong focus on grace.

    I am familiar with the ordination of men and women. I am not, however, familiar with the ordination of professing homosexuals in the United Methodist Church. Care to elaborate on your bullet point, there?

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  5. Jim,
    First let me say that you indeed provide a very helpful addition in the “grace” factor. I forgot. How sad for me, but then I knew I was going to forget a number of things.

    As for the homosexual bullet point. We ordain homosexual persons who are:
    either non-professing, but practicing
    or professing, but non-practicing.

    This comes as a result of our stance that we will not ordain anyone who is a self-professed, practicing homosexual person.

    Hope that clarifies.


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