TV Top 5

The best shows on television:1:


3.    S60 Rules + Black Donnely’s doesn’t= S60 will return!

5.   Well, at least the first 3 seasons…


5 responses to “TV Top 5

  1. i watch none of these. guess i have no taste in tv

  2. of course you do.

    what do you watch?

  3. it isn’t so much the tv i watch.. it’s what i watch with my wife.
    1. Law & Order SVU
    2. NCIS (a surprise fav of mine)
    3. Criminal Minds (an up and comer, since i can record it)
    4. Law & Order (Old School)
    5. Daily Show & Colber Report

    Defaults are anything Sports, even World Series of Poker, which the wife will watch

  4. Any top 5 list that doesn’t include House must not have seen the show.

    It’s tops to me.

    BTW, of the Law and Order family, the original is the best, SVU is a close (and gaining) second, while CI needs to move beyond just being a vehicle by which the Goren’s genius is declared.

  5. Agreed on all accounts. I would have put House on for two reasons:
    1. The 1.5 episodes that I have seen were great.
    2. Dave Matthews just starred in an episode.

    I didn’t because I have only seen 1.5 episodes!

    Honestly, I’m more of a “stream it on the internet” kind of guy–House doesn’t stream yet (all of my top 5 do).

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