DBOM pt. 2

BTW, I received a letter today indicating that I have been certified as a candidate for ordained ministry by my District Board of Ordained Ministry.  (see my earlier post DBOM)

What did I have to do to get here and where do I go next?  Here is all the info you need (unless you are going to attempt this yourself, in which case you should hold on for dear life! 🙂 )


4 responses to “DBOM pt. 2

  1. Congratulations on Certification!

  2. I repeat my earlier comment, “God called you in your mother’s womb and even a District Board can see that.”

    Though I do have one word of advice…


  3. HAHA! And what should I run from?

    Is it that life sized John Wesley that has chased me in my dreams?

  4. Best not to mention that life sized John Wesley to the District Board. They want to know that God has been speaking to you, but are generally shy of people who hear other voices, even if they do have good ideas.

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