In 2 minutes, I will leave my office to meet with my District Board of Ordained Ministry concerning certified candidacy.

more later…


4 responses to “DBOM

  1. I’m praying…

    But I am not sweating it while praying as God called you in your mother’s womb and even a District Board can see that.

    But I’m still praying…

  2. I should not dare to interrupt your more weighty affairs with a letter of mine, did I not hold you to be a disciple of Him who would not have the smoking flax quenched nor the bruised reed broken. But since I am entirely convinced of this, I beg of you that in your prayers and the prayers of the Church that sojourns with you, I may be commended to God, to be instructed in true poverty of spirit, in gentleness, in faith, and love of God and my neighbor. And, whenever you have a little leisure, do not disdain to offer to God this short prayer, which I have heard frequently offered by your brethren at Savannah (would they were mine also!):

    Then the dauntless mind
    Which, to Jesus joined,
    Neither life nor treasure prizes,
    And all fleshly lusts despises,
    Grant him, Highest Good,
    Through Thy precious blood.

    God’s most humble servant, I remain,
    John Wesley

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