Episcopalians, Methodists Deepen Ecumenical Ties

 Episcopalians, Methodists Deepen Ecumenical Ties

In 2006, Episcopalians and Methodists formally entered into a period of Interim Eucharisitc Sharing.  A little more information on that here.  So, for a time, with the permission of each congregation’s bishop, United Methodists and Episcopalians can share in communion together, proved both clergy stand at the table, one liturgy is selected (from either denomination), and bread, wine, and grape juice are provided.  The New York Conference of the United Methodist Church and Episcopal Bishop Christopher Epting joined together to share in worship and communion.  What is the value in this?  From an ecumenical standpoint it helps us explore the idea of the church universal, catholicity.  From a long-term perspective, I wonder if this has any implications of being in permanent communion (Thomas Coke tried in his day).

I wonder where the general Methodist community stands on this topic.


4 responses to “Episcopalians, Methodists Deepen Ecumenical Ties

  1. Jesus said, “Do this in rememberance of me.” As long as we’re all celebrating the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Christ – that’s a good thing. The commonalities are greater than the divisions. That being said, I can imagine ways this could lead to stickiness in some other areas of doctrine and theology.

  2. It’s good to hear from you. How’d your mission trip go? How about your pre-fatherhood experience?

    I hope you’re doing well.

  3. The reality is that every Christian is in communion with all whom our Lord is in communion. Right? In communion we partake of that divine mystery which is our Triune God and one hopes through that experience is drawn closer to fellow Christians. So the outward sign of celebrating communion together is but one small token of the much larger reality that we are already one because we worship one Lord.


  4. All true. Very true.

    I grab something different out of this, however; though I’m not sure what.

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